Sharing your home with a dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience... or an incredibly stressful experience. Although it's perfectly normal to experience a little bit of both of these things, we want to see you experience more rewarding moments than stressful ones. We all love our pets and want to make the most of the 10-15+ years we hope to spend with them. Investing in professional dog training helps assure smoother communication between you and your pet—which can be the difference between living AROUND your dog and living WITH your dog.


At REkALIBRATED k9, our goal is to help dog people learn how to better communicate with their pets so that it’s possible for dog and human to work as a team. We use modern, science-based methods and qualified, professional instruction to help owners reach their goals and enjoy peace in their households. By helping owners to understand how dogs learn and communicate, we hope to offer dog parents a new world of fun, relationship-building goals and activities.