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Self-Paced Online Puppy Courses




6 Weeks


You've been preparing to bring home your puppy for a while.

Whether that has meant lengthy conversations with breeders as you search for the best fit or countless meet and greets at rescues as you carefully plan to expand your family, you've put in so much time and energy to make sure things go right. This new addition is not something you have taken lightly and you intend to give this puppy the best start to life you can.

But, with your busy schedule, finding a puppy class that you're able to regularly attend is difficult.

You know you need the structure and accountability to be sure your puppy doesn't fall behind, but committing to making the inconvenient class time has you hesitating to pull the trigger. Maybe you've even considered using resources like Youtube that would better fit your schedule... but since you know you only get one shot at this, you're afraid that bad advice now might become a nightmare for you and your puppy down the road.

Fortunately, we've taken the guesswork out of puppy-raising and structured our program to meet the needs of busy but committed pet parents like you.

Experience our highly recommended puppy curriculum as a self-paced, online course and work through our proven system on your own schedule.


Worried about how an online puppy training course will work for your unique situation?

Live, private help from the Certified Professional Dog Trainer who developed the program is just a click away at any point before, during, or after the course.

Click "Get Started" above and navigate to the bottom of the page to schedule a FREE, 30 minute Talk With A Trainer designed to introduce you to our virtual dog training options and determine how we can best support you and your dog as you work to reach your training goals.

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