Programs Designed Especially for Socializing Puppies Between 9 Weeks and 9 Months Old


Regardless of whether you've already got your new pup or are preparing to take your new pup home, if you're here you've realized that a new puppy can be a tremendous undertaking. From about 6 weeks to 18 weeks of age, puppies go through a social development period that has a permanent impact on the rest of their lives. It's extremely important to actively socialize puppies during this period. But, how do we accomplish that?


Socialization means an awful lot more than just playing with other dogs—socialization should include controlled, fun encounters with a wide variety of people, places, noises, and situations. The more positive exposure a puppy has during this socialization period, the better adjusted the puppy will be as an adult. Because socialization is so important, REkALIBRATED k9 has a variety of programs geared towards giving puppies the best possible start in their first year of a life. 

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Group Classes Designed Specifically for Socializing Puppies!

Puppy Pre-K | $125

This class is designed to give young puppies the best possible start in life by exposing them to new people, puppies, and situations in the most fun way possible. In Puppy Pre-K, we use play to reinforce good habits and behaviors that we want to see in well-adjusted family pets. This class lasts for 4 consecutive weeks and is only available to puppies under 5 months old. Puppies who complete Puppy Pre-K are encouraged to continue on to the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy class.

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy | $180

Socialization. Training. Activity. Responsibility. These four items represent crucial areas of focus for raising a new puppy. In this 8 week long class, we will cover a wide variety of topics such as house training and puppy mouthing all while taking the time to expose puppies to new dogs, people, and situations. At the end of the class your puppy will be eligible for his or her S.T.A.R. Puppy distinction from the AKC and ready to graduate to other AKC Canine Good Citizen Programs! This class is best suited to quiet, friendly puppies up to 12 months old. 

Click here for more info on AKC's S.T.A.R. Puppy Program.



Puppy Consultation* | $80

At REkALIBRATED k9, we always recommend that young puppies participate in group classes. It is simply the easiest way to give puppies the exposure to new people, new dogs, new places, and new situations that they need to develop into stable adults. However, if you find yourself with a few weeks to spare while you wait for the next puppy class to start or would like some personalized help and support while your puppy attends classes, this specialized Puppy Consultation is for you. This consultation takes place in your home and is designed to help you with management and household routine questions or specific problems you may be encountering.

*This special consultation is only available for puppies under 9 months old. 

Ready Set Go! Puppy Program | $500

Planning to take your puppy all the way through to their CGC title? Want to be sure your puppy gets the best possible start in life by stopping bad habits and behaviors before they start? Purchase both our Puppy Pre-K and AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy classes together along with 6 weeks of private, one-on-one lessons at the same time and save! Not only will you get THREE MONTHS of puppy training between the two classes, but you'll also get SIX WEEKS of private, in-facility lessons at a discounted price to get your puppy off to the best start. 



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To register, download your registration form here. Class sizes are limited to assure that all participants will get the attention they need in class, so get your registration in as soon as possible to reserve your place. Because spaces are limited, payment for classes is due in full one week before the class is scheduled to start. Cancellation for a partial refund will be permitted up to the start of the second class.


Contact Us with any questions about classes or class eligibility.

Please Note: ALL class participants are required to have current shot records on file to complete their registration and attend class. Puppies are required at minimum to have their first Distemper and Parvo vaccinations administered by a veterinarian at least 7 days before the start of class.