Cat Clutton

Cat has spent years working professionally with both pet dogs and working canines resulting in a wide range of unique experience in the dog world. She graduated from Auburn University with a BS in Animal Sciences and Microbiology. She worked as a Service Dog Trainer for iK9—a private company producing service dogs and emotional support dogs for military veterans under the guidance of the VA. After iK9,  she went to work for Auburn University's Canine Performance Sciences where she developed detection dogs for Auburn's state-of-the-art program. She founded REkALIBRATED k9 in 2017 with the desire to increase the average dog owner's access to safe, fun dog activities and educational resources. 


She actively participates in canine-assisted therapy and a variety of dog sports with her own dogs and is always encouraging others to do the same. She maintains a certification in Pet First Aid and makes keeping up with the latest research and discussions on canine behavior a priority. She is one of only 23 Certified Professional Dog Trainers in the state of Alabama, a supporting member of  the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. She has been an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator since 2016. 

Cat Clutton, CPDT-KA

Lead Trainer


Becky is a two-time Auburn alum who is passionate about improving the bond between people and their animals. She started working as a veterinary assistant in 2012, graduated with her BS in Organismal Biology in 2016, and graduated with her MS in Biomedical Sciences in 2018. Becky's first foray into the world of training was teaching her betta fish to jump through hoops when she lived in the Auburn dorms. While she was a student, she volunteered at the Southeastern Raptor Center helping to train the birds of prey used in their educational programs.


She has two dogs of her own: a coonhound/whippet mix named Lilly and an English Shepherd named Macintosh, and actively participates in various dog sports with them, including agility, dock diving, canine disc, and Barn Hunt.

Becky J., MS



Chandler is an Auburn University graduate with a B.S. in Animal Sciences. She has been passionate about helping animals and the human-animal bond since she raised a litter of orphaned kittens when she was in 1st grade. She became interested in training animals when her grandfather adopted a dog and purchased 2 horses for her to train herself in middle school.  Chandler also has 6 years of experience in the veterinary field, including experience in clinic and research environments. 

She currently has two dogs of her own, a border collie named Finnley, and a beagle named Minnie Pearle, along with cats (Penny, Hank, Suds, and Mario), her Morgan horse, Ferina, and donkey, Izzy.

Chandler D.



Kathryn first became interested in dog training at a young age when her parents adopted a Cocker Spaniel mix with extreme anxiety. The next decade was spent in various dog careers from the veterinary field to boarding and daycare. She currently has two dogs, Blondie, her Labrador Retriever, a retired rally dog and Cedric, her Dalmatian who competes in a wide range of sports and spends many hours outdoors with her running, hiking, paddling and biking together. She is particularly interested in canine enrichment, fitness and overall wellness.

Kathryn graduated from Auburn University with a BS in Organismal Biology. During her time at Auburn she volunteered with the Canine Performance Sciences to help raise and develop future detection dogs. She also spent several years working for Auburn University's Scott Ritchey Research Center in research projects involving canine muscular dystrophy and osteosarcoma.

Kathryn Degelman

Training Coordinator