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“Cat was very professional and knowledgeable coaching us in positive techniques to walk our new rescue dog on leash. We especially liked that she came to our home and worked with us and our dog on our turf. These valuable positive skills will help us wherever and whenever we walk Buddy. An added bonus is the connection our work with Cat brought to our relationship with our newly rescued dog.”

“Cat is very knowledgeable and very professional. She is experienced with training needs ranging from basic obedience and puppy classes to professional working dogs. As a veterinarian, I would definitely recommend her for any of your dog training needs.”

Dr. Beth Hudson, DVM

“Cat is great about teaching YOU how to train your dog. You will learn about timing and body language and tone that will help you communicate with your dog, which is way better than places that train your dog and send it home to you (where it may or may not listen to your commands). I strongly recommend.”

Susan P.

Tara F.

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